Monday, Jan. 30 Buckingham Community Civic Association meetings: Elections and future meeting dates

At the Monday, January 30 meeting of the Buckingham Community Civic Association (BCCA) meeting, members will elect the BCCA’s 2017 officers and establish BCCA’s 2017-2018 meeting dates.
Please send me an e-mail message if you would like to serve as a BCCA officer or as a delegate to organizations in which BCCA has representation.  If you are not able to attend the meeting, I will nominate you at the meeting.
The officers are:
BCCA President
BCCA Vice President
BCCA Treasurer
Representative and alternate for Arlington County Neighborhood Conservation Advisory Committee (NCAC)
Delegates (4) and alternates (4) for Arlington County Civic Federation.
My proposed dates for BCCA’s 2017-2018 meetings are:
Monday, March 13
Monday, May 8
Monday, July 10
Monday, September 11
Monday, November 13
Monday, January 8

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