Feedback Opportunity for Ballston Macy’s Redelopment

The Arlington County government is now beginning its public processes for a site plan amendment that, if approved, will replace the Macy’s department store at 701 N. Glebe Road (now within the Ballston Quarter mall) with a 16-story residential building.  The ground floor of the new building will contain a grocery store. 

Click here to read ArlNow’s description of the project.  Click here to access links to each of the documents that the applicant has submitted to support its application for the site plan amendment. 

The public process will begin with an online public feedback opportunity that will begin on Monday, February 7 and end on Thursday, February 17. The public process will continue in at least two Site Plan Review Committee meetings, the first of which will be held in March.  Following these meetings, the Planning Commission and the County Board will hold public hearings on the project.The message below contains the County’s announcement of the online feedback opportunity. 

Click here to read further information about feedback opportunity and the site plan amendment and to access links for additional information. 

The feedback form has spaces in which you can submit your comments on specific aspects of the proposal as well as  to make other comments. Click here to access the feedback form and to submit your responses and comments.

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