Participate in the Missing Middle Housing Study

The Arlington County government announced new public engagement opportunities to discuss on the “Missing Middle Housing (MMHS)” study, where we as citizens explore how new housing types could address Arlington’s shortfall in housing supply.

In 2020, the County began the study and after two years of works, the MMHS has reached its 3rd phase and is asking for your contribution.

If you are interested in contributing, sign up to be part of the upcoming community conversations and information sessions that will take place between September 13, 2022 and October 25, 2022.

The first information session, on September 14, will cover Housing Development and Economics. During this session, special guests will explore and answer questions on different missing middle housing types and discuss how public policy and private development interact and influence what housing gets built, what it costs, and who owns it. You can submit questions in advance using this link.

The second information session, on September 28, will cover the History and Future of Zoning and Housing Policy. Arlington’s planning and land use policies are instrumental in determining which types of housing can be developed and their location. While some planning policies have evolved over time, some policies have remained relatively unchanged. This session will explore both the past and the future. Participate by voicing your questions using this link.

The third and final information session, on October 12, will cover the theme of “Planning for Growth”. As Arlington has welcomed many new residents over the past several decades, the County has developed plans and documents on how to best meet current and future growth. Learn how the County plans for growth through the Capital Improvement Plan, Stormwater Master Plan, Transportation Master Plan, Community Facilities Study, and more so it can continue to meet the needs of future generations. You can participate by using this link.

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